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March 13 2018

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Details to Know About the Process of Renting Storage Units

People rent Storage Units in Queens for a broad range of purposes. Some are moving to a much smaller home and haven't yet figured out which items they're going to dispense with, so they put a lot of belongings in storage. Others realize they can reduce clutter by keeping seldom-used possessions in storage. They might want to keep seasonal items there, like the artificial Christmas trees, lights, decorations and wrapping paper. Sleds, saucers, luggage and large coolers are other things that just take up space in the home most of the time.

Getting Started

Renting Storage Units in Pompano Beach, just as in Queens, is an easy process. Customers typically just need to pay the first month's rent and complete a form before they start filling a unit. The form asks for identifying information like a driver's license number and agreement to the company's terms of service.

Figuring Out the Size

Online calculators are available that help people figure out how large a unit they need. A few boxes of seasonal items, books and other things that are taking up space in closets might fit in an affordable locker-style unit. Such a variety of sizes are available that everyone can find something that is perfect for the number of belongings they want to store.

Security Devices

Depending on the facility, the customer may buy or rent a padlock and keys at the time of check-in, or simply bring this equipment. Access to an interior unit from the outside of the building usually involves a keypad or a card to slide or insert for entry.

A Gift Possibility

Some individuals would love to rent a storage unit but are struggling financially and can't fit it into the budget. If they have friends and family who give them presents at birthdays and holidays, they might mention how much they would appreciate a year's rent at a facility such as Storage Post. Paying for the entire year upfront is an excellent gift option; some friends and relatives might even chip in together for the cost. Some companies offer a substantial discount when signing a longer contract.

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